French Armoire

There is a wide range of bracelets on the market. One of them is French armoire. These bracelets are perfect for your bedroom when it comes to decoration and also for keeping your desired things inside. These armor functions as large cabinets in your house. They can be used in all parts of your house, which is why they are so demanding. There are different types of these bracelets available on the market. So if you have a hard time choosing a perfect armoire for your house, we will guide you through this article. There are generally the following types of French armoire on the market.

Louis Style

These types of luminaires have double mirror doors and they generally stand on decorative rolled feet. The type of louis style luminaires we see today are not the typical French style bracelets. Most of the louis style luminaires available in the US and the UK are manufactured outside of France.

Louis Philippe Style

This type of bracelet is named after Louis Philippe, who was a king under 19th century. These are known for their simplicity and elegance. They are more refined than any other fixture.

Provincial style

Provincial furniture was manufactured in provinces. These types of furniture are mostly rustic in finish, but they are beautifully made. Handmade wooden sticks are used in these large bracelets to hold it together.

Henri II Style

Henri II style is known for its size and solidity. These types of bracelets are large in size containing dark wood and bunks. They can have wooden doors, as well as glass mirror doors.


Breton furniture is very distinctive. It is mostly made of the heavy dark oak. This type of bracelet is often short in size compared to other styles. They are best suited to buy with the bedroom set.