Small Sitting Room Design

The living room should always be a place for relaxation and entertainment of any size. There are many ways / tricks that you can use to make a small space look bigger. You can use some small living room designs to enhance the overall look of the entire room. By doing this, you and your guests will not feel limited when you enter the room for some entertainment or relaxation. Here are some ideas you can implement:


This is a trick that many designers use to make a room look spacious. This small design in the living room means that you place mirrors in strategic places to enhance the beauty and atmosphere of the room. Some of the few places you can place the mirrors are as close to a light source or across the window. By doing this you will create the illusion of a more spacious and relaxing room.

This does not necessarily mean that the furniture is light, no not at all. You should go for furniture that has little visual weight. Such furniture is mostly determined by the size, color and design of the furniture. For example, coffee tables made of glass are better than those made of wood in terms of vision weight. This is because you can see through the glass which makes the room seem more open. Another thing you can think of is the color because you should go for more pale colors than darker ones. These are just a few things to keep in mind when it comes to the visual weight of your furniture.

You should go for a neutral palette when decorating the room as it gives a kind of quiet feel to the room as well as some sophistication. The color of the walls and furniture should be taken into account for a small living room design. Colors can definitely affect how big a room looks.

When choosing furniture for the room, do not use as large furniture as it can make the room look small and uncomfortable. If you are tired of space, you may want to consider choosing a love chair alone or get armless chairs. Whatever you choose to go for furniture that doesn't take up much space.