Purchase Chenille Sofa

Chenille is a soft, dense fabric that is spun from materials such as silk, wool, cotton or sometimes from the combination of these materials. This fabric is very durable and at the same time very fragile. Because of these properties of chenille, you should be careful when cleaning it. Chenille sofa has all these features, so it is one of the most durable sofas available on the market.

If your chenille sofa has excess stains or dirt, it is recommended that you use the special cleaning services. Chenille upholstery is a great choice for all sofas, but there are differences in the type of chenille fabric. Proper high direction and dense weaving are some features that make some of these sofas more durable than others. Think about some important concepts before buying these sofas.

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Chenille is usually created from high with textured surface. If you want more durability on the sofa, it should have tightly woven piles rather than some loose woven piles. The pile direction should be in front of the seat cushions and down to the back pads. By having this type of arrangement, the body will adapt properly to the couch when you sit or stand up.

Clean thoroughly

Your couch will last longer if you take good care of it. You should prevent dust and debris from getting stuck on the sofa. We recommend that you use a soft brush to clean the sofa to make it look and feel. The brush stroke should be gentle and in circular motion. You can also use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning purposes but always remember to use it in the lowest settings. If there are any stains of dullness, clean them using a fabric cleaner instead of water based detergent.

stain factor

Sometimes these chenille sofas get stain-resistant finish, so they look better and last longer. Stain repellent helps to provide protective barriers around the fiber. However, stain-resistant finish always loses efficiency after some time. You can use a spray to give a new coating so that the durability of the sofa can be maintained.


Although the chenilla material is very durable and tough, it also requires support from other parts to provide an effective quality sofa. Check out the quality of the frame used in the manufacture of the sofa. Check the quality of the springs used on the sofa. Buy a sofa with quality springs so that they do not break and damage the chenille upholstery.