Types Of Furniture Design

Apart from the usual modern, modern, traditional and transitional styles, furniture design offers new and exciting concepts that homeowners will surely love. Now there is a design for all kinds of tastes and preferences. Many people do not know these patterns. Fortunately, we list some of them.

Urban Modern

Urban Modern is a design concept that took inspiration from the modern urban style. It is the result of the combination of different furniture designs. It is experimental, hard and minimalist. Furniture pieces like the sofa and the bed are low profile and elegant. Sofa bed, mirror and pillows are some items that are usually included in the decor theme. The shapes are geometric and clean. This design is very elegant and is ideal for fashion conscious and millennial. If you want an urban modern design, browse online and check out online furniture stores.


There is only one word to describe this furniture design – relaxing! If you have always wanted to live in the countryside or have a peaceful existence somewhere far, this design is definitely for you. Furniture items are warm, comfortable and inviting. "Distressed Wood" is the material of choice. Linen is used where applicable. The prominent colors are white, turquoise, brown and beige. Just looking at furniture of this design concept will make you happy. Be in harmony with nature and choose an agriculture inspired design.


If you are a fan of bright colors, this furniture design is for you. Almost any color can be used, but red and purple are the favorites. Furniture such as carpets, rugs and pillows have patterns that are rich, tribal and ethnic. Textiles, animal skins, metal and wood accents are usually included in the interior.


Even if you don't have a beachfront property, you can still have a refreshing nautical design. Imagine yourself in a resting house on a beach and watching the clear waters of the sea. This is the feeling you get when you go nautical. The prominent color is blue (represents the color of the sea). Blue or bluish accents are included in this design theme. White colored furniture is also used. Use decorations such as shells, anchors, ropes, maps, boats and ships to complete the nautical look. If you love fun, water and beaches you will surely enjoy this decor theme.