Furniture Armoire

An armoire is a large piece of furniture, which comes in the form of a cabinet and whose exterior doors are opened in an outward manner. In most cases, it has a top that is flat and contains shelves and drawers. Here are some tips for decorating furniture armoire as well as things to think about.

Dining room / kitchen

In most cases, a kitchen or dining room will contain an armoire. Several items used in the kitchen and dining room can be stored inside these furniture. They can therefore be kept out of sight and outside places where they would impede. The objects can then be developed and used when needs arise. After use, they would be washed and replaced. Miniature ovens, electric burners, toasters, knives, plates and glasses among several other items can be kept in the armory. These help improve the aesthetics of the dining room / kitchen as the unwanted item would be out of sight and the room will also have a cleaner look.


Stereo systems, DVD players and TVs, including electronics, can easily be stored in a furniture armory. This has made the armory a common feature in the living room and bedrooms, where they are used to house electronics. Then, when a person wants to watch a movie or play some music, he or she would leave the door open. The doors can be closed as soon as the individual is through listening to the music or watching the video. With the door to the armature closed, the electronics will be hidden, giving the room a less messy look. The ability to keep objects out of sight is the strongest point of using an armoire in your house.

General considerations

You would need a lot of space to keep your furniture armory. This is because they are generally high and they can only be held in an area where the height between the floor and the ceiling is high. For those made to serve as wardrobes, it would have a place where clothes can be hung as well as other spaces where folded clothes and other items can be kept. However, the use of armoire is no longer limited to clothing but several other items including bathroom accessories and clothing among other things.