Safety Childs Bunk Bed

Many parents are always confused about buying a bunk bed for their children because they often get confused about whether or not to buy it. In some cases, parents often take their children to the furniture store to check how easy it will be for them to climb and get down from the bed. However, they are forgetful about other important things to look out for when shopping for a child's bunk bed such as safety, space and durability among others. Here are some tips for parents who are thinking of getting a bunk bed for their kids.

Is it possible to separate the beds

Parents who plan to have more than one child per room often plan to have a two-bunk bed. The double bunk bed allows 2 children to sleep on a particular bed, which is created that way to save space. However, there are cases where the two beds were purchased in advance for another child to join the child later. When this is the case, parents can choose to buy a single bed that can be separated so that only one single bed remains in the room. When it is time for the other child to join, the other bed can then be added.


It is important to check that the steps that are fixed on the bed for the child to be able to climb are properly fixed. This helps to avoid the steps slipping as the child climbs and in the process injures the child. Although the removable ladder may seem more comfortable, the likelihood of the ladder removing when a child climbs is also higher. This takes into account the fact that children may have partially unloaded it without the parents knowing.


It is important that bolts or screws are always fixed to secure the guard rails in the bed. This will make it difficult for the guardrails to show up or roll over due to the child's weight. It is also important that the space between the bottom of the guardrail and children's bunk bed frame is less than 89 mm or 3.5 inches. The importance of this is that your child will not fall between the bed and the railing. It is also important that the length of the guardrail above the bed is at least 127 mm or 5 inches.