Rattan Sofa Set

The demand for wicker furniture is increasing regularly and therefore more innovations are being invested in developing different styles and shapes. Based on this, there are different styles and forms of wicker furniture you can choose from, depending on your preferences. Here are some common variants of the Rattan sofa as well as their features that will help you when you next shop for this type of sofa.

Modular variant

The modular variant gives you a lot of functionality because it has more components. The great advantage of this, in addition to the great functionality, is the fact that you can easily arrange them in different ways. If you have a garden, you can move individual components to this part of your house so that you can sometimes entertain your guest in your garden as opposed to your living room. The modular variants come in two types. There are the three armless units and the three corner units as well as the unit set which have rounded corners. The latter consists of a corner unit that has a round back, 2 modular chairs that are armless and 2 corner units that are square.

corner Variant

The corner variant on the sofa consists of a corner unit, 2 sofas that had 2 seats (right and left-handed sofa) and a coffee table. In addition, the corner variant has regulations for more units to be added just like the other variants. The corner variant is best for individuals who have room to hold the couch because it consumes more space. It is also suitable for individuals who spend a large part of the day in their places and do not walk around often. However, it should be noted that the corner sofa can only be arranged in the L-shape.

Classic variants

The topped glass for coffee, a sofa and 2 chairs is the most important composition of the classic variant of the wicker sofa. Several units are offered by some classic variants such as a larger sofa with three chairs or footstools. You are therefore free to make a few turns to your classic variations based on your wishes. The classic variant is also good for a comfortable seating that is elegant in your garden. Your guests and yourself could enjoy and relax during the evenings or weekends.